Huddle were great to work with: approachable, flexible and knowledgeable. At no point did we feel overwhelmed with jargon, and we felt confident in Huddle’s vision throughout the project.

Michael Palmer, Digital Marketing Manager at Manchester Digital

We are always learning and improving how we do things. After each project we run a debrief with the client to understand the highs and lows and identify learning opportunities. For our retained clients, we are continuously reviewing how we are working and the value we are delivering.

Our current way of working is a result of many of these learning opportunities, ongoing research and improvements, which have resulted in the tried-and-tested processes that we use today.

Your Project

Before starting your project, we will outline a list of acceptance criteria which we will use to measure the completion of the project. This is a list of criteria that the project must fulfil in order to be considered complete, and we will work with you to agree this together.

Your project will start with a week to week project plan, risk assessment and uncertainty/priority matrix to establish what to work on first.

Every week a dedicated project manager will review progress, send an email update to you and plan in work for the following week. Every 2 weeks the project manager will run a retrospective meeting to establish how things are going and clarify any risks or uncertainty.

Throughout the project, work will be delivered onto a private testing environment. All work passed through our internal quality assurance process before making it to you – meaning by the time you see the output it has already been tested and any known bugs fixed.

At the end of the project, the go-live and migration will be scheduled in ahead of time, and you’ll be given a document outlining the process you can expect on the day. We have a 30-point fit-to-fly project checklist, which we employ to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Your Retainer

We will split your ongoing design and development work into monthly releases, with each release being delivered on a four-week cycle.

This cycle sets aside dedicated time for planning the monthly work ahead, deploying the work onto a private testing environment, time for you to test the work, and contingency time at the end for any final feedback before going live.

At the start of every release, we will run a retrospective meeting where we review the highs, lows and learning opportunities from the past release. We then use this insight to feed into the recommended work for the following release, meaning we will always have improvements to suggest each month.

Huddle provided an excellent level of service and we continue to work with them to build upon our system.

– Mark Dansky, Associate Partner at Allsop LLP

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