Last week Deliver Conference returned to Manchester to give insightful talks about everything involved in delivering digital projects. Their aim is to give people the chance to learn, share and network with like-minded people.

We heard from some great guest speakers who gave us some tips that we can use for our own client projects.

One of the guest speakers, Stephen Thomas, kicked off the day with his talk, Zen and the Art of Project Management. Yes, it was as chilled as the title suggests! He gave us some advice that’s based on Buddhist teachings and our overall take away from his talk was to consider whether what we’re worrying about is actually helpful. And if it’s not, to just let it go.

Another of our favourites was a talk by Natasha Sayce-Zelem called Anything but Fluffy. Her point of view was that Soft Skills is the worst name for these skills because it implies that they’re easy to gain and everyone has them. Whereas in reality they’re human life skills which you only learn through experience.

We can’t wait for this event next year already. If you didn’t manage to make it this time, make sure to get your tickets for next year, it’s not an event to be missed!

Emily Triplett

Written by our Client Services Manager, Emily.

Emily is motivated by keeping on top of client requirements and staying organised. Emily has a background in art and digital marketing, and today deals with client enquiries and support Huddle’s marketing activity. Her main passion outside of Huddle includes horror films, cooking and her house plant collection, which grows bigger each payday.

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