In light of me coming on board as a permanent addition to the Huddle team, we were invited along to an event set up by Santander and Salford University to celebrate this. It came out of being involved in Santander’s internship programme, which offers funding for businesses to take on Salford University students and graduates as fixed term interns.

The programme’s main aim is to help students and graduates become more employable with a focus on getting them permanent full time jobs in the future. I, of all people, know internships are a great way to gain real life experience and skills that you wouldn’t get just through studying.

We enjoyed chatting with other companies who were looking to get involved in the scheme and hearing more about how it benefits both interns and companies alike.

Even better, as the event was held in Salford Museum, we couldn’t resist looking around the Victorian Street! This exhibition is set during world war one, with an eerie and realistic atmosphere, if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit!

Emily Triplett

Written by our Client Services Manager, Emily.

Emily is motivated by keeping on top of client requirements and staying organised. Emily has a background in art and digital marketing, and today deals with client enquiries and support Huddle’s marketing activity. Her main passion outside of Huddle includes horror films, cooking and her house plant collection, which grows bigger each payday.

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