Who’s this for?

Anyone interested in the origin stories of successful businesses and leaders.

What’s it about?

How I Built This is a podcast whereby host Guy Raz interviews business founders and leaders on their personal and business back stories.

You’ll learn how Starbucks got started from the CEO himself Harold Schultz, the travel trip that inspired couple Maureen and Tony Wheeler to create international brand LonelyPlanet, and even Sir James Dyson’s story of his eponymous vacuum cleaner company’s inception.

The interviews are entertaining and sure to arm you with plenty of “fun facts” about many companies ranging from small startups to some of the most recognisable global brands.

Where can I find it?

The podcast is produced by National Public Radio (NPR) in the states – sort of like Radio 4 over here.

You can find it on the NPR Website or through your usual podcast distributors: iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Tom Parson

Written by our Founder & Client Services Director, Tom.

As a founder of Huddle Digital, Tom wanted to create an agency focused on people and building long lasting partnerships. These days, Tom oversees all client accounts and drives our marketing activity. Outside of Huddle, Tom has a passion for cooking, binging Netflix dramas and making music.

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