OPAAL is a national charity that supports organisations working with older people affected by cancer, using a case management system called SAM.

We recently ran a usability and feedback workshop in London to test the third major release of SAM with end users. The system improved as a result, and it made users feel involved in the process and well prepared ahead of the switchover.

“SAM will be easier and quicker to use.”

“I feel much better equipped.”

“Very good at explaining and taking on board comments.”

“Patient, understanding and helpful.”

“Informative and enjoyable day. Thank you”

You don’t need to have a large-scale project to enjoy the benefits:

  •  Increased user satisfaction
  •  Decreased support time
  •  More conversions
  •  Increased buy-in from users
  • Less money spent on changes later

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Tom Parson

Written by our Founder & Client Services Director, Tom.

As a founder of Huddle Digital, Tom wanted to create an agency focused on people and building long lasting partnerships. These days, Tom oversees all client accounts and drives our marketing activity. Outside of Huddle, Tom has a passion for cooking, binging Netflix dramas and making music.

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