Multimessage Ltd were in need of a new website to provide information on their services to customers, and came to us to see what we could do.

As well as providing a simple and easy to use brochure-style website, giving a summary of all of Multimessage’s services, case studies, accreditations and partnerships, we also integrated our signature Enquiry Basket functionality.

This allows customers to search for telecoms products to see if MultiMessage provide repairs, and if they do, to add them to an ‘enquiry basket’.

Once they’ve accumulated some products, the customer can contact MultiMessage and automatically send through all the details of the products that they’re looking for support on.

Another example of our enquiry basket is in the property search at Vail Williams LLP‘s website, where users can add properties to an enquiry basket and make an enquiry about potentially dozens of properties at once.

Sonny Clarke

Written by our Digital Marketing Intern, Sonny.

Sonny worked with us in 2017 on a 3-month Digital Marketing Internship. During this time Sonny worked on a new marketing strategy, got our website and blog into shape and managed our social media profiles. After the internship, Sonny went on to work at online fashion giant Boohoo.

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