Our ongoing project with independent business, All Four Paws has given us exciting ways to get creative. After having their website built elsewhere, All Four Paws were looking to develop it further with a new agency.

All Four Paws is a small business which collates accommodation and restaurants that specifically cater for cats and dogs. We’ve been working with them to further develop their online platform in order to provide hospitality businesses tailored for four-legged friends.

We have been working with Huddle for a year and find them responsive to our needs. They take the time to understand the underlying business levers and consequently suggest solutions either for website improvements, or to solve issues that arise

– Nicky Burton, Founder of All Four Paws

We designed a tailored rating system so that users can rate their experience and see what other people have said about places. Focusing on a smooth user experience, we are constantly working on website development to make sure everything is up to date and working smoothly.

Along with website updates we help All Four Paws to make their email marketing more targeted and effective so they were able to target their market and understand engagement.

Huddle are a pleasure to deal with, they are friendly and helpful and are always happy to take the time to explain a technical issue. We are pleased to be partnering with them.

– Nicky Burton, Founder of All Four Paws

We enjoy working with All Four Paws and are excited to continue our relationship and see where this project will take us in the future.