All Four Paws were a young company looking to disrupt the online travel and lifestyle sector. Specialising in boutique and luxury accommodation, eateries and places to visit – all pet-friendly.

They approached us on a recommendation, looking for a website partner to support them with ongoing design, development, and digital marketing throughout the process.


After a 12 month campaign of Search Engine Optimisation, web design, UX design and development, we saw numerous positive results on the website.

These were represented in anecdotal feedback from customers and partners, and through key metrics such as:

  • +30% organic traffic
  • -14% bounce rate
  • +21% average session duration
  • +4% average pages per session

12 month period post-launch vs 12 month period pre-launch

One key change we made to the website was a new URL structure, which resulted in a 35x increase in the number of keywords that the area of the website ranked for, including 9 new keywords ranking on page 1 of Google.

Huddle took the time to understand the underlying business levers and consequently suggest solutions either for website improvements, or to solve issues that arise, that best ensure these levers are employed, thereby assisting our business goals.

– Nicola Burton, Founder – All Four Paws


We worked with All Four Paws on a variety of improvements and developments to the website.

Since we were picking up the website from another provider, much of the initial work done was optimisation, bug fixing and streamlining the existing website functionality.

Ongoing, we combined work requests from All Four Paws with our own proactive recommendations. At each stage providing mockups of new features, implementing and testing development work, and reviewing key metrics before and after.

Some key achievements over the course of our work together includes a complete redesign of the homepage, venue directory and blog area, introduction of a new “destinations” area of the website, and improved tracking and analytics throughout.

Huddle are a pleasure to deal with, they are friendly and helpful and are always happy to take the time to explain a technical issue. We are pleased to be partnering with them.

– Nicola Burton, Founder – All Four Paws

What next?

We continue to work with All Four Paws on regular website optimisation and development.