Key stats

  • Improved business intelligence through cloud data
  • Slick investor experience and increased value proposition
  • Risk reduction and reduced costs
  • 104-139 days estimated team annual time saved


As a national property consultancy, Allsop LLP deal with high ticket investment deals every day for individual properties or portfolios of properties. These deals involve portfolio distribution with dozens of documents being sent to dozens of interested investors, to distribute information and gauge interest.

Allsop came to us because they needed to make their data sharing cost effective and trackable. They were looking for:

  • A new portfolio distribution method, easily sharing files with multiple investors, and keeping track of who has access to what
  • A totally secure system that saved time internally
  • Extreme ease of use to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Confidence that the client was getting a fully branded and consistent experience
  • A way to measure engagement with the system, and follow up with interested investors in an informed way
  • A way of easily revoking access once a deal has ended

Bespoke Portfolio Distribution

After discussing Allsop’s specific needs and getting buy-in from relevant partners and departments (such as IT and marketing), we designed and delivered a web-based file sharing portal known as a dataroom. As the project progressed, we identified numerous areas where we could innovate and go above and beyond the original specification.

Huddle understood our business requirements and went above and beyond to deliver a tailored, innovative solution for our national investments team.

– Mark Dansky, Associate Partner at Allsop LLP

Get setup quickly

The system has an easy to use drag and drop interface, and is streamlined and minimal, making it quick to learn and easy to master. This means they can get documents uploaded and ready for investors with minimal effort.

We saved Allsop time internally and ensured consistent organisation by implementing an automatic file sorting function. Dozens of files can be uploaded in one drag-and-drop motion, and they are automatically grouped into Brochures, Blueprints, Reports, Deeds, and so on, depending on the file name.

Easily share with investors

Allsop can invite dozens of potential investors quickly and easily either by batch importing names and email addresses from a spreadsheet, or by distributing a unique URL in emails or print brochures.

Slick investor experience

Once investors log into the system (after being approved, where necessary), they immediately see their documents presented in a slick brochure-style webpage. With multi million pound investments at play, the system needed to look the part.

They can flick through image galleries, read key figures associated with the deal, see relevant contact information to follow up, and read associated documents right in their browser. The interface is fully mobile and tablet compatible, meaning investors don’t have to wait until they’re back at their desk to explore the deal.

The dataroom system Huddle produced for us has streamlined the due diligence process, made us more informed about investors and increased our value proposition for leads and existing clients.

– Mark Dansky, Associate Partner at Allsop LLP

The experience is fully branded and consistent with all other Allsop marketing material, meaning no more relinquishing control over the client experience.

Unique algorithm gauges investor interest

After investors have logged into the system and started to browse documents, Allsop can track their activity. They can see exactly which investors have logged in, and which have read which files and when. With our unique algorithm, the system calculates an activity score out of 100% for each investor, based on a number of different factors, including, for example:

  • Whether the investor has viewed the page
  • How many documents the investor has read
  • How soon after being invited to the system does the investor login for the first time
  • How soon after being notified of new documents does the investor login to read them

This score is normalised across all investors on a particular deal, and investors are ranked in order of activity in the backend. This means Allsop doesn’t need to waste time following up with investors who haven’t logged into the system after weeks, and can focus on only the most interested parties.


Since development the system it has helped to significantly streamline Allsop’s commercial investment instructions and save time internally. This has helped Allsop to save a considerable amount of resource each year marking a highly positive return on investment over the long term. 104 – 139 days estimated time saved annually.


Allsop are now using their dataroom system across all National Investments, and are already planning Phase 2 and Phase 3 developments to further build upon the system.

Huddle provided an excellent level of service and we continue to work with them to build upon the system.

– Mark Dansky, Associate Partner at Allsop LLP

Our work for Allsop has: