Bunting offer personalisation for small website owners, primarily aimed at Ecommerce websites. After initial setup automated product recommendations can be generated without any input from the website owner. Bunting were looking for bespoke plugin development for major ecommerce platforms to help increase their user base.

Working closely with the Bunting development team, we created a series of plugins for the Bunting application to integrate seamlessly with a platforms including Magento, Shopware and Shopify. Our task in this project was to make the installation step of setup as easy as possible.

We used a consistent look and feel across all the platforms, incorporating all of the Bunting branding and website styles.

Business requirements

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Must be secure and not expose any sensitive data
  • Integrate seamlessly with each platform
  • Support all necessary actions from Bunting

Bespoke plugin development

  • With input from the Bunting team, we implemented an interface that used Bunting styles, with big buttons and a clear user flow
  • Implemented several different security measures, including access tokens and CSRF protection
  • With universal PHP where possible, all necessary data is accessed on the platforms using each ones best practices
  • Created API documentation to ensure consistency between development teams