We consulted with Digital Training Solutions on the overhaul of their Near-Life™ learning system. DTS already had a solution in place, but required a more streamlined admin interface and more detailed reporting on learner activity, among many more requirements.

We suggested how best to approach these issues, advising that a re-build of the base system would be the most robust solution.

The Near-Life™ learning system is unique in that it presents the learner with a series of interactive video clips depicting a particular scenario. The learner then has to make decisions to journey through the scenario, and they receive feedback at the end based on their chosen route. The “Game Player”, where the videos are played and interacted with in the browser, was updated to work alongside the new backend system.

The project is ongoing with continual development and additions being made as time goes on.

It is a real pleasure to work with Huddle; their advice and technical input is invaluable in the ongoing development of our system.

– Geseth Garcia, Director of Projects at Digital Training Solutions

Business requirements

  • Make the creation of learning content in the system faster and easier
  • Add Ecommerce functionality to support baskets and order histories
  • Improve learner reporting, making reports both more extensive and easier to read

How these were achieved

  • Systems architecture design
  • Technical input and consultancy
  • User Experience research and design, both for the learner interface and admin interface when building courses

Course Builder

Instead of adding content across multiple screens, the process was streamlined using a single interface. This allowed for much quicker construction of course content across multiple quizzes, modules and scenarios.

Scenario Builder

The interface for building the video scenarios had complex requirements and needed a unified, easy to use design. Scenarios are also now built in a single interface, including adding videos to each step, providing the multiple choice options and linking steps to one another in the desired order.

Licensing System

Licences are purchased through an Ecommerce checkout process and then assigned to new and existing learners.