Multimessage, specialists in telecom system repairs, knew that they needed a new website but didn’t know where to start, or the full range of possibilities available to them. After being referred to us, we arrange an initial brainstorming meeting to outline what we could do and how we could improve their digital investment.

Multimessage wanted to cater for their customers better by providing more comprehensive information on their website.

We came up with a brand new website design for them, while suggesting further features that would enhance their customers’ experience on the website while also making their acquisition and service process quicker and more efficient.

One of these features was our signature enquiry basket, which allows website visitors to check whether or not Multimessage provide repairs for their particular phone model, and if so send details of the model, along with a message and contact info, to Multimessage to make an enquiry.

Multimessage can then see tracking and analytics data in their admin panel, giving them insights into how popular certain products are, determined by how often they are searched for.