Our website had not been modernised for a long time and our members were feeding back that it wasn’t easy to use. We wanted to give our members another reason to renew whilst attracting new members in the process – we wanted a reinvented website to help us with this.

Michael Palmer, Digital Marketing Manager – Manchester Digital

Speaking to Manchester Digital it was clear – they needed to re-engage service users and re-inspire them to interact with the brand.

We predicted that this would lead to a more engaged target audience, decrease in renewals and increase in overall signups.


As a result of the partnership, we observed positive changes in key metrics related to user engagement, including:

  • +12% increased number of sessions per user
  • +10% increased number of pages per session
  • +6% increased number of overall pageviews
  • +20% increased average session duration
  • +50% increased average session duration from organic search
  • -17% decreased bounce rate from organic search

6 months post-live vs 6 months pre-live

Our Approach

First, we conducted discovery sessions and research calls with key members. This gave us valuable user insight and, together with the client, we distilled the problem we were trying to solve.

We delivered a new website involving an engaging private members area with member tour and gamified onboarding, user behaviour insights and automation to maintain member engagement, and integrations with their wider digital suite including Xero, Eventbrite and Stripe.

After some delays to the project, due to the need for extended testing and quality assurance, the go-live process was smooth and seamless, migrating all existing member data to the new site.

Huddle created a website for us that we are proud to put our name on. It enables us to market ourselves more effectively and allows members to interact with our services in brand new ways.

Michael Palmer, Digital Marketing Manager – Manchester Digital

What next?

We thoroughly enjoyed our engagement with Manchester Digital and learned a lot. After the project, we improved and refined our project management, documentation and testing processes, noting key learnings to take into our next project.

We continue to work with Manchester Digital on a retained basis to continuously iterate, support them to stay competitive online, and allow them to respond to the changing needs of their members.

Recently, we enabled them to respond to the economic effects of COVID-19 by offering freezes on memberships and free trials for new members.