Huddle Digital are pleased to have worked alongside property law firm, MS Law, in redesigning them a new website and online presence to coincide with their intimate way of working.

Huddle Digital were a great choice when redesigning our website. They met our requirements and went above and beyond the brief in a number of ways.

We were kept informed throughout the process, and Huddle incorporated our feedback during the project while coming in on time and on budget. Overall a very positive experience.

-Paul Gelder, Partner at MS Law

MS Law were in need of a website redesign for their small intimate business to showcase their professional experience. Their precise vision of the website design along with their ideas which were communicated in a straightforward manner meant we were able to determine the perfect website for their business. We provided them with a clean interface, tailored specifically for their needs.

Due to the amount of content provided, we designed MS Law a simple and well structured website with easily digestible information. This is organised onto one page where it can be expanded on if the user wishes to know more.

The overall outcome of the website enabled MS Law to showcase their business manifesto, to deliver the service we would expect to receive ourselves and that we can be proud of and their values: relationships, our people, expertise and experience.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Huddle Digital to anybody who is thinking about improving their online presence and looking for advice and guidance.

-Paul Gelder, Partner at MS Law