Huddle Digital are pleased to have had Riskbox choose to work with us to help them organise and streamline the way they share documents with clients. We provided them with Foleo, a secure document sharing portal, to help them do just this.

As an independently run business, Risk Box were looking for ways to keep on top of daily client communication whilst making sure the rest of the business was running smoothly.

Risk Box works in commercial insurance, which is a highly competitive industry, with tight margins and little scope to deliver meaningful benefits to clients. Working with Foleo has been one of those rare opportunities where we’ve been able to do just that.

– Michael Henderson, Director of Risk Box LTD

Using Foleo to share documentation with clients meant Risk Box were able to spend more time on other areas of their business. We provided training and support on the system that was specific to them, integrating it within their processes to offer tangible business benefit.

We can now give clients 24/7 access to all their documentation in a secure environment without sacrificing the experience, whilst offering an array of tools and guides without the need for a constant stream of communication – clients can literally dip in and out whenever the need arises. Not only this, Huddle was happy to provide tailored training on Foleo, enabling us to run with the software from day one.

– Michael Henderson, Director of Risk Box LTD