We were launching a new business and needed our website to be slick, reliable and a strong source of leads for our business.

Joel Murray, Director – Scottish Debt Help

A new venture at the time, Scottish Debt Help were seeking a new website and a long term digital partner to help them drive their business forward online.

They needed to hit the ground running with leads from the new website on Day 1, in order to scale up operations and meet targets.


Factoring in Huddle’s fee and overall PPC costs, the return on investment was hugely positive.

  • Month 1 after launch saw 155 website enquiries and 289% return on investment
  • Month 2 saw 371 enquiries and 598% return on investment
  • Later developed an improvement to the homepage yielding improved conversion rate of +50%, meaning more enquiries for the same website traffic.

Our Approach

Our recommendations was not only a new website, but one designed around user friendliness and conversions. The website needed to be as easy to use as possible, providing sound information and advice for users, and encouraging them to get in touch with an enquiry form designed around the users.

After going live, we launched a PPC advertising campaign across Google AdWords to promote the site. Over the next few months we adjusted the campaign, analysed behaviour on the website, and made small improvements.

We ran A/B tests on the website where we compared two versions of a page in order to establish which one resulted in more enquiries. Through these tests we steadily improved the number of enquiries without needing to increase the amount of traffic to the site.

We were able to get off to a flying start in our first month of trading, generating impressive revenue figures largely due to the online advertising and promotion provided by the team. We continue to work with Huddle to generate enquiries and drive business for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Joel Murray, Director – Scottish Debt Help

What next?

We continue to work with Scottish Debt Help – optimising their ad campaigns, launching ads across Facebook, further improving the website, and undergoing ongoing copywriting and blogging.

We have also since supported them in launching 2 more brands online, integrating with multiple bespoke CRM systems, and recently worked in partnership with them to deliver a COVID-19 message to all customers, resulting in a spike in enquiries.