Scottish Debt Help were a brand new company specialising in debt support services for Scottish residents. They came to us looking for a professional website and advertising strategy, and after having worked with us on a previous project knew that we would deliver.

Right from the first meeting we had a good feeling about Huddle Digital. They understood our business requirements well and offered the right mix of services to deliver the business growth we were looking for.

– Joel Murray, Director at Scottish Debt Help

We worked with SDH to design a simple, clean bespoke website for the new company. This was carefully designed with the website users in mind, to reduce the amount of effort and make it as easy as possible to read about the services and make an enquiry.

We provided them with a short brief, and they designed a great looking and user-friendly website that, most importantly, has proven reliable and stable.

– Joel Murray, Director at Scottish Debt Help

While finalising the website, we prepared an online advertising campaign across Facebook and Google adverts. We managed this whole process from working with SDH on specific keywords and demographics to target, to writing the adverts and producing imagery to go along with them.

This meant that as soon as the website went live, it started getting traffic immediately. Since the website was designed to provide a seamless user experience, this traffic translated directly into phone and email enquiries from day 1.

We were able to get off to a flying start in our first month of trading, generating impressive revenue figures largely due to the online advertising and promotion provided by the team.

– Joel Murray, Director at Scottish Debt Help

In the first month trading, Scottish Debt Help gained 155 total enquiries from the website alone. Considering Huddle’s fee and overall advertising costs, SDH received a 289% return on investment in the first month alone.

In the second month, this jumped to 371 enquiries and 598% return on investment.

Over the course of our ongoing work we have undertaken testing and development, in one instance implementing a change that increased conversions by 50%.

But we weren’t going to stop there. We continue to work with SDH on the website to optimise the design, increase traffic, and increase the number of enquiries, and we expect these figures to stay healthy.

Huddle Digital did an excellent job from start to finish designing and building our website, and we continue to work with them to generate enquiries and drive business for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

– Joel Murray, Director at Scottish Debt Help