We needed our online channels to reflect the value our clients gained from working with us – expertise, advice, resources, insight. Only then could we be proud of our website and confidently market ourselves online.

Shrutika Tekawade, Head of Marketing – Vail Williams

A new website was a definite for Vail Williams, but then what? The website needed to be more than just a refreshed design, it needed to become a resource of dynamic and interactive information and resources, encouraging potential and existing clients to stay connected to the brand.

Vail Williams needed both a new website and a long-term digital strategy which would lead to wider audience reach, increased engagement and new business leads.


After a new website and a 2-year engagement of ongoing improvements and search engine optimisation, we saw positive changes in key metrics in those three key areas.

Overall brand reach:

  • +47% increased website visitors
  • +46% increased pageviews

User engagement:

  • -18% decreased bounce rate
  • +1,322% view more than 5 pages
  • +21% increased average time on site

New business leads:

  • +27% increased website enquiries
  • +14% increased property searches

2-year campaigns 2016-2018

Our Approach

Keen to understand the target audience and website users, we started the design process for Vail Williams with an extensive user research and testing phase. This involved designing prototype layouts of the website, testing them with key clients, incorporating feedback, and repeating this process until we reached a final prototype.

We then incorporated Vail Williams’ brand identity into our layouts, and developed this out into a new website.

Once live, we focussed on an ongoing combination of content optimisation, link placements around the web back to the VW website, and continuous improvement of website content, structure and design.

The website truly evolved month to month as the marketing activity grew and changed, incorporating new service lines, interactive tools and engaging content.

The impact of their digital expertise has helped to completely transform the experience of our online brand and we’ve experienced a significant number of new leads and traffic into the website as a result.

Shrutika Tekawade, Head of Marketing – Vail Williams

What next?

We continue to work with Vail Williams on their website and digital marketing, and our strong understanding of their business means we are able to provide numerous ancillary services such as:

  • Liaising directly with IT and external partners
  • Updating to integrate with new backend software
  • Email marketing template design and coding
  • Internal intranet page development

Our ongoing work for Vail Williams has also contributed to us being shortlisted for Small Agency of the Year at the Construction Marketing Awards in October 2018.

We also recently supported them in designing and building a COVID-19 business hub for their clients.