People. Profit. Purpose.
What do these words mean to you and your business?

We’ve been thinking hard recently about the way we work, the clients we work with, our core values, our team, and most of all, our aspirations for the future.

As part of this journey, we have extracted what it is like to work with us into one key phrase.
Websites driven by people, profit and purpose.
Let us tell you a bit about what these words mean to us.


The way we see our industry of technology and digital marketing, everything we do is focused on people. Without people, there would be no point in building a website, no reason to post content and nobody to engage within our business.

We recognise that empathy is a key part of how we work. From working with our clients through to considering their own customers, we always strive to see the human perspective. We want to understand our clients’ position and daily struggles, so we can work around this and establish a mutually supportive and beneficial process.

When designing campaigns, we take the time to see things from the end user’s perspective, supporting our usability and user experience expertise. We provide a comfortable and personal service, where we can work together to achieve a long lasting relationship based on trust.


We understand the importance of your business and the amount of hard work that goes into it. Therefore it is essential that when working with agencies and partners, what you get out is greater than what you put in. After all, we are all businesses, and digital marketing is one of many tools that can be used to drive our businesses and keep us growing.

We are driven by goals and targets, helping you to evolve your brand and generate constant sales and return on investment. We believe strongly in establishing the key performance indicators in our activity. In other words, the things we specifically need to look at regularly to know whether or not what we’re doing is providing enough value.

In a digital world where there are numbers and metrics left right and center, this in itself can be a challenge. Knowing what we can ignore and what we should focus on is crucial.

Financial profit is of course a big indicator of success, although this can often be difficult to influence directly in the activity we do. Because of this, we will work with you to establish profit-influencing factors: number of leads generated, number of subscribers gained, time taken for you to process leads, time taken for you to maintain a digital presence, among other things.

We’re invested in the success of all of our clients, and passionate about finding creative ways to drive businesses forward.


It’s not enough for us to be driven by people and profit alone. At Huddle, everything we do has an underlying purpose. This helps us make decisions when running our business and delivering for our clients.

We can make changes on a website that will improve the user experience and drive sales. But is that enough? In addition, we consider the underlying purpose of this change and how this plays into a wider strategy. Perhaps there is an alternative solution, that not only is great for users and makes for a healthy bottom line but also lays the groundwork for future activity and forms part of a larger strategy.

When we start working with a new client, we will discuss with them the real purpose as to why they are engaging with digital. We assess their website, social media, email marketing, online PR and ask, what is it all for? When we begin to understand what the business needs out of these areas we can organise a strategy that will focus each channel on improving the business. You won’t find anything that has been thrown in without consideration and all of our strategies are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

We invite clients to spend time picturing a successful future for their business, and then describe to us what this looks like. We can then find the best way to incorporate digital in making this a reality.

As a team, this gives us purpose every day, and gives us a driving force to push towards bigger and better outcomes with every project.