Ongoing Design & Development

Continuously develop your website through ongoing improvements.

Often, your website is something you get designed and built once, and then gathers dust for a number of years before being replaced. There’s internal excitement and much fanfare to customers when the new website is live, but not much planning goes into how to keep the website relevant, engaging, and up to pace with the rest of the business in the long term.

Websites are usually treated as a one-time solution to a problem. We don’t believe in this approach. The clients we see gain the most value from their website are the ones who treat it as an evolving platform, a place to continuously improve how customers interact with their brand.

The only way this is possible is through ongoing, iterative research and improvements.

Key deliverables

  • New website features
  • Bespoke campaign page templates and designs
  • Regular team-wide ideation sessions
  • Regular account director check-in to ensure website is aligned with business goals
  • Ongoing proactive bug monitoring and fixing


We deliver this package for a number of clients, including our ongoing work with Manchester Digital.

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