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With over 30 years’ combined experience in web development and coding, our development team are experts when it comes to building bespoke platforms for the web. Huddle Digital was founded by two web developers, and solving problems using technology is at the heart of our development practice.

Security, stability and ease of use are among our priorities when building for the web, and we’ve worked on all kinds of web applications from simple commercial websites to full bespoke CRM systems. Even so, we are passionate about continuously learning new and better ways of doing things, and applying that knowledge to our clients’ business goals.

Over the years our team have picked up skills in many different areas to do with web development, and we use that expertise now to focus on the platforms and tools where we can provide the most value. Streamlining the way we do things and ensuring consistent quality with our testing and fit-to-fly checklist for all projects.

We use our web development expertise in order to deliver various packages including Commercial Websites and Bespoke Applications.