Usability Testing, Analysis and Report

Often you know your website isn’t up to scratch, but beyond the look and feel being outdated and it being clunky to use, it’s difficult to say how it can achieve its full potential. This is where usability testing comes into play, and can help you put your finger on what’s preventing conversions.

We test your existing website and successful competitor websites with real users, by giving them tasks and observing them using the systems.

Quantitative data such as error rate and time taken to complete tasks, along with qualitative interview and observation feedback allow us to provide insight into the real problems that they’re having, and recommend actions that can be taken to remedy them.

  • Prototyping and User Testing – When approaching a new project, our strategy is to build quick and test often. Before we make too many assumptions, we want to get a functioning prototype in front of real users to see what they think.
  • Interactive prototypes – When testing a new solution, we build interactive prototypes designed to test specific features and functionality.
  • Usability testing – We run the prototype through our Usability Analysis and Report process (above), from which we get a full report on its successes and limitations.
  • Iteration – The report lists the specific improvements needed, which are then implemented in a subsequent prototype and tested in the same way. We iterate over this process as many times as necessary until we have a final prototype ready to feed into the design and development process.

Testing throughout

The testing doesn’t stop there. We continue to test and improve the website throughout development, resulting in a finished product that is truly refined and streamlined.

We also use specific tools as and when the need arises, for example card sorting to involve users in the sitemap generation process, or focus groups to gauge the reaction on proposed ideas of functionality.

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